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Welcome to the Brazilian Society of Plant Physiology

The "Brazilian Society of Plant Physiology" was founded in 1986. It is a non-profit association dedicated to disseminating, supporting, organizing and discussin ideas and scientific knowledge within the field of plant physiology in Brazil and abroad. BSPP organizes the Brazilian Conference of Plant Physiology (BCPP) every two years.


  • Gather people and entities that are interested in providing greater development and diffusion of knowledge on different areas of Plant Physiology and its interfaces;/li>
  • Officially represent the Brazilian Plant Physiology in similar partner international institutions
  • Promote the Brazilian Conference of Plant Physiology;
  • Publish the Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology, the official organ of the entity, and eventually, other publishings of interest;
  • Promote conferences, meetings, courses, seminars and debates related to Plant Physiology;
  • Promote actions that make Plant Physiology projects viable in organizations that support teaching and research;
  • Suggest alterations in the syllabus of Plant Physiology courses in undergraduate and graduate programs;
  • Offer subsides to teach Plant Physiology in Elementary School and High School.

Bylaws and Statute

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